Have fun and stay safe with Virtual Room!

Have fun and stay safe with Virtual Room!

There’s no escaping Covid-19 these days and boy it’s put a real dampener on everything across the globe. But we don’t need to let this virus take over our lives completely and it doesn’t need to spoil all your fun. Virtual Room is actually a very low-risk activity so you can still enjoy the virtual world while staying safe in the real world.

Why is Virtual Room such a low-risk activity?

Well for starters you are in your own room with no physical interaction with anyone else! You can move around, bend down and explore the virtual world in the comfort and safety of your own 3m x 3m padded room. Of course you will still see, hear and interact with your friends or colleagues – but only in the virtual world.

Secondly, any type of virtual reality experience requires holding and wearing VR gear so hygiene and cleanliness are necessarily a standard practice for Virtual Room. We have been sanitizing and disinfecting our equipment religiously after each use long before the coronavirus hit our shores. Of course with the onset of the virus we have increased these measures and also provide hand sanitizer to all customers.

We also operate Virtual Room from our own dedicated and quiet premises – so you won’t be mingling with any large crowds when you visit us.

So don’t stay stuck inside anymore! Wash your hands, grab your friends, family or colleagues and come and visit us at Virtual Room. We will ensure you have a great time and stay safe from the virus at the same time.